..for when you don’t want to “waste” time shopping

This service is committed to resolving your shopping needs and dilemmas- our philosophy is built upon giving you back some free time and making you feel relaxed, unique and special!


Whether you need help finding that special outfit for a special occasion, that special gift, maternity wear or even bridal wear we can help. Having a Personal Shopper is great for all those holidays like teachers day, secretaries week, mother’s day, father’s day, graduation day, Christmas holidays and for dinner planning, anniversaries and birthdays.

Some people never know what kind of gift to get on those occasions. So, you can just tell your personal shopper how much you want to spend and provide some profiling and she will get the gift for you.

At personal shopper we believe that shopping is intrinsically linked to lifestyle needs and is personal to every individual. We provide a service of exclusivity and anonymity, designed to make life easier for you.

Men also need a helping hand in this department. How often have you men bought something for the sake of it and don't really like the actual shopping bit. We're here for you too!

All you need to do is let us know what you would like and the budget and we will take care of the rest.  We believe customer satisfaction is the key to a quality service and always perk up our ears to your needs.  Our highest priority is for the customer to be satisfied with the end result. 


The Personal Shopper can also assist you in running to the store to pick up groceries, drop-off/pick-up dry cleaning or even running errands.

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Always too busy to go and get that present for a friend whose birthday is the next day? Or maybe you just can't cope with the stressfulness of going from store to store looking for that special something? Or you just maybe need a bit of help with your decisions? Well don't stress anymore. Your Personal shopper is here to help you with all this and more.


Time is so ‘key’ to achieving a balanced lifestyle in this hectic world in which we live; shopping can create unnecessary stress because of ever-changing ‘life’ demands and lifestyle commitments

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